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Worldwide Missions

Worldwide Missions


Faith Promise Missions is our way to financially support the Great Commission beyond our reach.

Just as Christians partner with missionaries in prayer, they also share in the fruit of their labors through sacrificial, financial giving. It is a source of great joy to know that our gifts enable missionaries to stand in our stead, preaching the Gospel, and winning precious souls to Christ. The financial cost of taking the Gospel to foreign lands is a formidable barrier to modern missions. While money alone can’t convert a single soul, missionaries are sent and sustained only by the consistent, sacrificial, financial commitment of God’s people. Lack of funds has a detrimental effect upon those who are called to take the Gospel to the world. It can significantly delay the departure of new missionaries. Everyone with a heart for missions is asking, “How can we better finance missions so that we can send and equip all whom God calls?”

Faith Promise is a Biblical Method.

Most people credit the Canadian preacher A. B. Simpson (1843-1919) for developing the faith promise program. He claimed he got it from the Bible, and we agree. The program is built upon solid biblical principles. Practicing faith in finances is as necessary as practicing faith in all other areas of life. No great work for God can be accomplished without faith, and 2 Corinthians 10:15-16 states the case for faith promise mission giving, “When your faith is increased…we shall be enlarged by you…to preach the gospel in the regions beyond.”

There are at least eight biblical principles in 2 Corinthians chapters eight and nine which define faith promise mission giving.

  • The prerequisite is that we first give ourselves to the Lord (8:5).
  • The attitude of our giving must be cheerful (9:7).
  • Our willingness to give demonstrates our desire to further the work of God (8:3, 8, 12; 9:7).
  • Our giving demonstrates our debt of gratitude for all that Christ has done for us (8:8-9, 24).
  • These two chapters connect grace with giving eight times, placing emphasis upon both the gift and the giver. God promises the power to abound in giving just as He promises the power to abound in other Christian graces.
  • Faith giving allows believers to give “beyond their power” to the cause of world missions (8:2-3, 7).
  • We are to give out of our need rather than out of our excess. This is how God’s Word defines sacrificial giving (8:2).
  • No one is exempt from participation in faith promise giving. God’s plan is all-inclusive (8:7). Paul commends the impoverished Macedonian believers for exemplifying these eight principles of giving, demonstrating that financing missions does not depend so much on deep pocketbooks, but on willing hearts.

Faith Promise is a commitment of faith.

As its name suggests, faith promise mission giving is based on a faith commitment. In addition to regular tithes and offerings, our church members are challenged during the annual missions conference to exercise faith in making a one-year, weekly commitment to the church’s missions program. We increase our missionary commitments for the next year based on these anonymous commitments. This is not a pledge to the church, but a commitment to Christ and world missions.


Nothing will give you a greater burden for missions than visiting the mission field for yourself. Our pastor and staff go on mission trips  to increase their burden and vision for world-wide missions.  It is our desire that members of Cornerstone Baptist Church have an opportunity to see firsthand what God is doing through the lives and ministries of the missionaries we support.  We have taken church mission trips to

  • Juarez, Mexico (2000)
  • Navajo Indian Reservation (2002)
  • Seattle, Washington (2010)
  • Montego Bay, Jamaica (2013)
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (2015)


Mexico, Central and South America

Matt & Annetta Johnson – Mexico

Daniel & Michelle Jones – Mexico

Marco & Gwendolyn Nunez – Mexico

Tom & Mona Sloan – Mexico

Lonnie & Martha Smith – Mexico

Ron Winter – Mexico

Brian & Ashley Todd – Costa Rica

Lohen & Becky Gonzalez – Chile

Don & Linda Leaf – Brazil

Xavier & Rebecca Lopez – Bolivia

Kelly Love – Brazil

David & Emi Merlo – Argentina

Joe & Janis Merlo – Argentina

Bob Jr & Iara Nichols – Brazil

Dwayne & Dianna Spear – Brazil


Richard & Laura Badgett – South Africa

BJ & Jessica Cormier – Kenya

Jeff & Robbin Demarest – South Africa

James & Carletta Downs – Ethiopia

Dan & Amie Dwire – Uganda

Nathan & Tina Fritz – Cape Verde

Mark & Sabrina Holmes – Nigeria

Stephen & Julie Knickerbocker – Burkina Faso

Bob & Becky Mach – Ivory Coast

John & Esther Shrader – Zambia

Keith & Sally Stensaas – Uganda


Monte & Krista Barlow – Slovenia

Paul & Alexis Dedeyan – France

Wayne & Linda Grissom – England

Eugene & Olga Kozachenko – Ukraine

Eric & Lisa Kreh – The Netherlands

Brian & Arezoo Nibbe – Romania

Joseph & Laura Passero – US Military in Germany

Francisco & Rebekah Puente – Spain

Patrick & Vicki Weimer – Iceland

*Unnamed for safety – Belarus

*Unnamed for safety – England

North America

Robert & Jeanette Bottom – Rock of Ages Prison Ministry

Dana & Julie Dice – Church Planter – New York City, NY

John Downs – Lighthouse Prison Ministry

Burton & Cara Gates – Church Planter – Philadelphia, PA

Derrick & Karin Goette – British Columbia, Canada

Bob Harris – Great Northwest

Mark & Tricia Haynes – Navajo Indian Reservation

Wes & Susan Hutchens – British Columbia, Canada

Richard & Jan King – Church Planter – Pittsburg, Kansas

Dannie & Sandra Koonce – Hempstead, TX

Matt & Sarah Litson – New Brunswick, Canada

Scott & Carrie Merritt – Navajo Indian Reservation

Francisco & Beth Penner – Ontario, Canada

Mike & Delia Ridge – Church Planter – Yukon, OK

Raymond & Beverly Sowards – Native Americans in the Northwest

Shawn & Michelle Creamer – Puerto Rico

James & Beverly Hoffmeister – Trinidad

Kaleb & Erica Gutierrez – Puerto Rico

Jason & Heather Lowe – Bahamas

Chad & Cynthia Pape – Dominican Republic

Jeffri & Pamela Polanco – Dominican Republic

Christian Law Association

Asia & Oceania

Caleb & Nora Bruner – Australia

Paul & Ellen Byars – Philippines

Joe & Annie DeCurtis – Philippines

Stuart & Michelle Jellison – Military in Okinawa, Japan

Kounaro & Chorvy Keo – Cambodia

Bradly & Ashley Kubik – Mongolia

Bruce & Pam O’Neal – MANNA Worldwide

Toto & Sunny Paclibar – South Korea

Russ & Joy Stanford – Japan

Eddie & Becky Trimble – Philippines

Wayne & Sue Fair – Papua New Guinea

Jim & Becky Heberle – Australia

Stan & Tresa Rowe – Papua New Guinea

David & Amy Smith – New Zealand

*Unnamed for Safety – Jordan

*Unnamed for Safety – China

*Unnamed for Safety – China

*Unnamed for Safety – Sri Lanka